Friday, December 4, 2015

The Little Girl Who Wanted a Dog for Hanukkah

Part of our Countdown to Hanukkah series.

Her parents didn’t want her to have a dog. Or maybe they just didn’t want her to want something they didn’t want themselves.

By Simon Yisrael Feuerman for Tablet Magazine

Miriam wanted a dog for Hanukkah.

Her Hasidic-leaning family was up in arms. The father, a learned man in his 40s, asked: A hoont? A dog? What kind of 12 year-old girl wants a dog? For her pregnant mother, this request came from the very dark side of the moon. A dog! She said it as though the very word were a curse. In the Brooklyn courtyard where they lived, neighbors put in their two cents: A dog!? Who knows what comes from the mouths of children?

A rabbi was consulted.

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