Monday, September 8, 2014

Oh, Looky there, Saudi Arabia is Building a Fence to Keep Out the Riff-Raff

Saudi Arabian Fence

Saudi Arabia is about to build its second hundreds of miles long security fence, this one on its northern border.

By: Lori Lowenthal Marcus for The Jewish Press

On Friday, Sept. 5, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia announced that the kingdom is about to build a fence to protect its northern border from infiltration by “infiltrators and smugglers,” according to Saudi media.

The fence will cover approximately 560 miles. It will include five layers of fencing, reinforced by surveillance by watch towers, night-vision cameras and radar.

Iraq is Saudi Arabia’s northern neighbor, and relations between the two Arab Muslim countries have been, well, less than neighborly. According to the Saudis, outgoing Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki is to blame for the jihadist insurgency in his country. Al-Maliki is responsible, so the Saudi line goes, because he marginalized the Sunni minority, which enraged them to such a pitch they became homicidal genocidal bloodthirsty brutal murderers. As if al-Maliki is singlehandedly responsible for the birth and spreading contagion of ISIS.

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