Monday, September 29, 2014

Meet Israel’s Warhead-laden ‘Suicide Bomber’ Drone (VIDEO)

From The Algemeiner

Several months after Iran revealed what it said was a “suicide drone” – which military experts later deemed a fake – Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) recently showcased its own version of a UAV that dive bombs into its target, Israel’s Globes business site reported on Sunday.

Publicly displayed at a Tel-Aviv-area exhibition last week, the 8 ft (2.5 meter) long, 51 lb (23 kilo) HAROP reportedly has a 1,000 kilometer range, and can loiter over a battlefield for six hours, according to IAI.

First revealed in 2009 at the Aero India trade show, the camera-laden, folding-wing HAROP can fly unassisted, or be guided by an operator, who is also able to abort a mission at the last moment before the explosive charge in the device hits the target.

India purchased some 40 of the aircraft in a $100 million deal in 2009, according to Globes, and other nations have also purchased hundreds of the drone.
Watch a video of the HAROP in action:

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