Friday, April 17, 2015

Everything I Love About Being Jewish

By Matthue Roth for

Jews are into fighting. I don’t know who first said — but, dammit, they’re right — that we think everyone who’s less religious than we are is a heretic, and anyone who’s more observant is a zealot. A few months ago, I wrote a post about my rabbi being a sex offender, and it got a lot of hits. A few weeks later I wrote this piece, an unbelievable story about one of my favorite musicians and something that happened to him that might have been a miracle, and it did…okay.* (I had an ego-clouded vision of the musician post going viral and him selling a million albums, but, uh, well, not yet.) Then last week I wrote about a bunch of stupid Orthodox men who refuse to let their ex-wives get remarried — an issue that, yes, frum Jews need to talk about and get up in arms about, but one that isn’t, you know, happy — and it got even more hits than my rabbi did.

So I’ve made a decision! That’s it, Hevrians — let’s ante up, show our hands, no more hiding. Let’s put our love on the table, dammit. Here’s a list of things I love about Yiddishkeit. I think we need to talk about these things. In a world where no one has a problem saying what they think of the length of your skirt or the style of your hair, but people never just say how awesome it is that we’re alive and how G-d created an entire universe and came up with things as crazy and wonderful as porcupines, this feels kind of necessary. It’s not a complete list, but it never should be. If I left something off, or if you love something even more than me, rip your heart out and post it up in the comments.

Here we go.

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