Thursday, January 15, 2015

No more apologies for Israel

By Steve Frank for The Jerusalem Post

I have recently returned from a visit to Israel and can report that the state of the State of Israel is excellent.  How, one might ask, can this be when Israel fought another deadly round of war in Gaza just this past summer and random acts of terrorism in Jerusalem suggest another intifada may be imminent?  When the President of the United States inexplicably, but consistently, singles out Israel as the main obstacle to peace in the Middle East?  The answer lies in my confidence that the people of Israel have the courage and wisdom to do what is necessary to ensure their own security - - regardless of what others may say or do.

Israel is the subject of severe criticism on many fronts.  It is attacked for its “occupation” of the West Bank, for its building of Jewish “settlements” in that territory, for its construction of a security wall to thwart terrorist attacks, and for its “disproportional” response to rockets fired from Gaza at its citizens - - just a few of the common charges directed at Israel.  It is characterized as a racist, apartheid society.

Of course, these, and other similar slanders against Israel are simply wrong as a matter of fact.  But I won’t go into a rebuttal of these baseless claims here or anywhere else for that matter.  I have come to believe that the time for an apologetic defense of the State of Israel is over.  Indeed, Naftali Bennett, a popular Israeli leader, recently launched a  pro-Israel “no apologies” media campaign.  I’m on board. 

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