Tuesday, April 12, 2016

This Day in Jewish History 1925: A Natural Computer Scientist Is Born (But She's a Woman)

David B. Green for Haaretz

Evelyn Berezin invented the first word processor, and designed the first digital booking system for airlines – which never crashed, not once.

April 12, 1925 is the birthday of computer scientist and entrepreneur Evelyn Berezin, the rare woman who in the field’s early days, was involved in both the development and the financial ends of the business.

Berezin got involved in designing computers in 1951, and a little over a decade later, she developed the first digital reservations system for an airline. In 1969, she established her own company, Redactron, and went up against IBM in the production and marketing of one of America’s first office word-processing machines.  

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