Monday, March 7, 2016

Why has a Hebron village, home to 12 recent ‘martyrs,’ suddenly gone quiet?

‘We want our children alive,’ says the mayor of Sa’ir, which has contributed a record-high number of attackers, explaining what the authorities did in recent weeks to try to calm things down

BY AVI ISSACHAROFF for The Times of Israel

Sa’IR, West Bank — It is early afternoon in the center of this village near Hebron — a village that was home to the highest number of Palestinians killed in violence against Israel over the past five months (in proportion to the population). Twelve youngsters from Sa’ir, a village of some 18,000 that lies five miles northeast of Hebron, have died in this latest wave of terror and violence, some when carrying out attacks, others in clashes with Israeli troops.

Surprisingly, at first, however, we see no posters of shahids, or “martyrs,” on the village walls. In most every village, city and refugee camp, posters hail the local shahids. But not here.

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