Monday, August 3, 2015

Pro-Israel ‘lone warrior’ stares down weekly anti-Israel protests in London

Using evangelical tactics he learned from Muslim clergy, young Orthodox Jew Joseph Cohen says his Israel advocacy is ‘a mitzva’

By Jenni Frazer for The Times of Israel   

LONDON — A familiar figure at anti-Israel demonstrations, with his gigantic bushy red beard and white crocheted deep skullcap, he could well be — at first sight — a white Englishman who has converted to Islam.

But Joseph Cohen, 32, is in fact a lone warrior, putting the case for Israel while standing in a sea of dissent. Intriguingly, Cohen says he draws much inspiration for his methods from young Muslim activists.

Cohen was a founder of the grassroots Campaign Against Antisemitism last year, but has recently decided that “anti-Semitism wasn’t the problem — anti-Israel/Zionism is.” He left the CAA and launched his own campaign, the Israel Advocacy Movement.

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